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Simon shoots bolting bunnies at harvest time

My tactics were to stand on the outside of the field looking into the standing crop rather than standing by the crop and shooting back towards the margins. Concentrating intensely on the edge of the cut, I saw those brown flashes that have the ability to unnerve even the safest of shooters. A hare passed by as my raised gun saluted its escape, and as I watched it meander off, I wondered whether we would see a fox departing the rest of the crop, as they love standing rape. No sooner had this thought entered my mind than I saw a beautiful dark red fox looking right at me. I barked out, “Fox!” in Steve and Ryan’s direction, but my dulcet tones were drowned out by the whizzes and whirrs of the heavy machinery working the field. It was soon way out of range, and as only a few Guns were present to cover such a huge area, this wily customer was able to make good its escape across the stubble.
Though the rabbits were not out in great numbers, the farmer likes to see a few Guns present, reassuring him that those that have made it through the summer have an armed welcoming party at harvest time. I have yet to meet a farmer who doesn’t raise a smile when presented with a game carrier full of rabbits going into the back of a truck rather than back into his fields.