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What are the big issues facing shooting today?

The government signed up to a lead ban on wetlands way back in 1995 when it endorsed an international treaty, called the African Eurasian Waterbird Agreement (AEWA); these restrictions have gradually been implemented across most of Europe.

When the wetland ban was introduced BASC successfully challenged the inclusion of many sites of special scientific interests and, most importantly, BASC had snipe and woodcock removed from the list of birds that could only be shot with lead substitutes.

Since the 1990’s there have been several calls for total lead shot bans in the UK, all of which have been successfully defeated, and despite the recent noisy attack by the WWT and RSPB, the association has successfully lobbied all the UK political parties to make sure none of them have any plans for further restrictions – and we are keeping up the pressure on this.

New challenges are coming from EU regulators through the European Chemicals Agency, who are conducting a scientific review of more than 50 substances, including lead.

Unfortunately no amount of lobbying to or by MEPs will make any difference, but BASC will maintain a robust defence of lead shot in Europe though FACE UK.

For most of us, firearms licensing is relatively straightforward, but for some it can be an absolute nightmare, especially when licensing teams make up daft conditions and procedures that were never ever intended by the Firearms Act, or the Home Office or, indeed, by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO).

Together we can and will make a difference. BASC is working with the Home Office, ACPO and licensing teams to make the application forms easier to complete and we will keep pushing for more and more on-line applications and renewals.

The big issue is to keep fighting for fair and equal application of the Home Office guidance and ACPO best practice across all licensing teams in the UK. If you are being hit with daft conditions or poor service just let us know and our expert firearms team of five full-time staff will see what we can do to help.

But at the same time we would always encourage you to make a complaint to the chief constable yourself, which puts BASC in a stronger position when we take up the matter on your behalf..

So you’ve got your cartridges, you got you gun, what else do you need – somewhere to go shooting and something to shoot at!. Once again BASC is on the case.

BASC helps established clubs and syndicates to secure their shooting rights though leases and shooting consents. We can follow this up with expert help on developing and improving the shoot. This is a free service offered to all BASC shoots.

If you are looking for somewhere to go shooting then again BASC can help. Not only do we have the wildfowling and stalking schemes, where you can buy a day‘s wildfowling or stalking, we also run the BASC GoShooting web site.

Having joined forces with GunsOnPegs, this helps you to find driven game shooting opportunities on some of the finest estates in the UK .

But there are also loads of shooting opportunities offered by BASC individual and trade members; anything from membership of a wildfowling club, or a rough shooting club, to a game shooting syndicate – take a look, new opportunities are being added all the time.

So, if you want to make sure that in the years ahead you and your friends still have access to sporting firearms, a healthy quarry population and of course continued access to somewhere to go shooting, then please support BASC by joining us today.