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Announcing The Shooting Awards 2019

2019 Shooting Awards

Shooters know that having the right kit – whether it’s a gun, the right cartridges, footwear or a preferred coat – is all part of having a good day out in the field.

Inspiration might also come from a shooting personality or a trip to a particular ground.

Deserved recognition

The Shooting Awards will help to inspire your next purchase and in chosen categories you can vote to award well-deserved recognition to your favourites.

Our fieldsports editors, along with key contributors, will be drawing up a list of finalists in different categories. All the products being considered must have been reviewed in 2018 as nobody can enter the awards themselves.

The finalists will be announced in January 2019 and making it to this stage will be a great accolade. At this point you can have your say in certain categories through an online voting page (which we will announce) where your score will be added to that of the judges to give us our winners.

Shooting Industry Awards 2019

Who will be the winners?


The winners will be announced early in February 2019 and invited to attend an awards reception at the Hilton Hotel in Birmingham where they will receive a bottle of champagne, a certificate, a trophy and a logo to use in promotional material.

When it is a close run thing there is the potential for gold, silver and bronze runners-up, so there could be more than one winner in a category.

The categories for The Shooting Awards 2019

clayshooting ground

Which will be voted best clay gun?


  • Best clay gun
  • Best game gun
  • Best semi-auto
  • Best stalking rifle
  • Best pest control rifle


Learn how to zero your own rifle


  • Best binocular
  • Best scope
  • Best night vision

best clayshooting cartridges reviewed


  • Best clay
  • Best game

cartridge review by female Gun


  • Best coat
  • Best footwear
  • Best ladies

dry nose in dog


  • Best shooting accessory
  • Best gundog product
  • Best shooting ground
  • Shooting personality of the year