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Grouse keeper wins David Bellamy conservation trophy

The prize is awarded annually by leading environmentalist, Professor David Bellamy, and the National Gamekeepers? Organisation Educational Trust.

George Thompson, headkeeper at Spaunton Moor, near Pickering, said: ?Although I was born in Middlesborough I have had a love for the countryside since boyhood. I am determined that the public, both from town and country, get to hear about the amazing wildlife conservation work done by gamekeepers.?

?For the sake of wildlife, it?s vital people know the truth about the effectiveness of gamekeeper-driven conservation. It?s a lifeline for much of the UK?s flora and fauna ? that?s why I champion it at every opportunity.?

The NGO educational Trust?s Brian Hayes, said: ?It?s logical that gamekeepers like telling people about their highly effective brand of conservation and how it?s carried out. George Thompson has always been tireless in this. He?s an educator par excellence.?

Professor Bellamy presented Mr Thompson, who has worked at Spaunton Moor for 21 years, with his trophy made from a piece of bog oak, thousands of years old and a cheque for £500.