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Grouse shooting ban lifted on council moorland

More than a decade after stopping grouse shooting on its land, Bradford Metropolitan District Council (MDC) is inviting individuals and companies to submit tenders for a 10-year shooting lease on the council-owned Rombalds Moor.

The six square miles of heather moorland includes the iconic Ilkley moor and the new lease will start next month.

The ban was ostensibly introduced for public safety reasons, but many argued that it was for ideological rather than practical reasons and that the decision would be detrimental to wild bird numbers.

The council’s countryside and rights-of-way service manager, Danny Jackson, who announced the reversal of the decision, said, “We are asking people to tender for grouse shooting rights on Ilkley Moor.”

The rest of this article appears in 17th April issue of Shooting Times.

What is YOUR opinion on council-owned shoots? Join other ST readers in our forums to discuss your views.

Join other ST readers in our forums to discuss your views.

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