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Questions we’re often asked about Labradors: which one of these have you been wondering about?

It's rare to go on a driven shoot without catching sight of a labrador


British-bred Labradors are the gold standard

Labradors have long been popular dogs both in the field and as companion dogs. But with this popularity comes a whole host of questions about labradors. Here are some of the ones we’re most commonly asked and the answers given by our gundog experts.

Questions about labradors

Labrador colours

1.What makes the perfect labrador? Is the ideal dog a product of breeding or superb training? What about characteristics like reliability, nature, temperament? In this article our expert looks at the different aspects that make up a dream dog.

chocolate Labrador puppy

2. Do chocolate labradors deserve a bad reputation? Our dog breeder ponders the question and wonders who is asking it. Can brown coated labradors make good gundogs or are they a lost cause from the start?


3. What’s the best way to find a puppy training class for labradors? What should you be looking for? What would be the right training method for your puppy?

black Labrador puppy

4. How can I find the right labrador puppy for me? Should you get a rescue? Buy a puppy from a breeder? How can you make sure you’re picking the correct one?

Fox-red Labrador

5. Should I get a fox red labrador? They’re certainly popular these days but how can you discover one with the right breeding and bloodlines? Will you find one that matches your standards?

goldador cross

Labrador x golden retriever.

6. What happens when you cross a labrador with a golden retriever? The answer is that you get a dog called a goldador.  But how does this cross turn out as a gundog? What are the plus points (and any minus points) of mixing the breeds?

working dog diet

7. Why are labradors greedy? Most labrador owners would agree that their dogs have an almost insatiable appetite. Which can run to everything from socks through to the Christmas turkey, given a chance. But why are labradors more food-orientated than other breeds?

old Labrador

8. Is my 10 year old labrador getting canine dementia? A reader is worried about his ageing lab who seems to be getting lost and forgetful. Do dogs get dementia as humans do? If so, what are the signs and what treatment is available?

Labrador on shoot

9. Will my labrador’s hips cause her problems in the field? Another reader was surprised when his labrador bitch’s hip scores turned out higher than expected. Is he putting her at risk by working her on testing ground?

10. Why doesn’t my labrador like water? Contrary to expectations, not all labradors love water. If that’s the case, is there anything you can do about it?

springer spaniel in water

11. Should I get a spaniel or a labrador? This is a commonly asked question by those contemplating getting a working dog. Here’s what our experts say you should think about.