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23 things to know about the Korthals Griffon

The Korthals Griffon, an HPR breed, is becoming more and more popular in Great Britain

Korthals Griffon

A Korthals Griffon

  1. The Korthals Griffon is known as the Griffon Korthals on the Continent
  2. Or the Griffon d’arrêt in France and Quebec
  3. In the United States and Canada it’s called the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon
  4. It was founded by the Dutch breeder Eduart Karels Korthals in around 1873
  5. He dedicated 20 years to developing and perfecting his “Griffon”
  6. It is fully recognised by the Kennel Club
  7. Numbers are steadily rising, from 73 Kennel Club registrations in 2016, 84 in 2018 and 112 in 2019.
  8. Identifying a Korthals Griffon is tricky, as it does look like a cross between an Italian spinone and a German wirehaired pointer.
    Korthals griffon

    Korthals griffon

  9. Coat colours are steel grey with liver brown patches, liver roan, white and brown or variations of all three
  10. The nose is always brown
  11. It’s one of the most versatile HPR dogs
  12. An excellent hunter in thick undergrowth, forest and water
  13. Protection is offered by a thick, wiry coat
  14. Males stand up to 600mm high, females 550mm (at the withers)
  15. It’s not a breed to be taken on lightly – puppies require patient and dedicated training which should be continued throughout their lives
  16. However the breed is happy, playful and vocal
  17. Not a breed that’s happy in a kennel – prefers to be with the family
  18. Coat, eyes and ears should be checked regularly
  19. A breed that’s always ready for long days out in the field
  20. Korthals demand space and activity
  21. They will bond well with a family
  22. They are intelligent and understanding
  23. Once a bond is established, they offer loyalty and commitment to a task

If you’re interested in the breed, get in touch with the Korthals Griffon Club of Great Britain who will be able to give in-depth knowledge and experience of this HPR breed. The Club will advise you on where to find a puppy and how to train it.

Korthals Griffon at field trial

Korthals Griffon performing at a field trial

The Club will also give assistance to owners on working tests, field trials, showing, breeding and everyday care.

Korthals griffon

Korthals Griffon