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Canine first aid demonstrations at the Field & Country Fair

If you've ever been in a situation where your gundog has been injured in the field, you may have wished you'd known more about first aid for dogs.

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Knowing what to do if your gundog has an accident in the field is a skill most handlers should have. But canine first aid knowledge isn’t as widespread as it should be.

This is something that could be remedied during a visit to the Field & Country Fair where the Canine First Aid Company will be demonstrating some crucial techniques.

Director Melanie Whitten says: “The skills we use in human first aid are not too different from the skills we use on dogs, focusing on CPR, recovery position, bleeds, drowning, shock, poisons and heatstroke. We can be the bridge of survival whilst awaiting professional medical help from vets”.

The canine first aid demonstration area is certain to be a popular destination and just one of the must-visit attractions at the Field & Country Fair. You can read more here and buy tickets here.