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9 gundog health tips that vets wish their owners knew

Faithful companion, trusted worker, family member. Here are some key reads to help you keep your canine companion in the best shape.

Gundog anxiety

Gundog health tips

old black Labrador

Do not be tempted to give your dog ibuprofen, as it can result in kidney failure

1. Why you should never give your dog ibuprofen

Canine under the weather? Never be tempted to give something from the family medicine cabinet. Here’s why and what you should do instead.


Chocolate is very poisonous to dogs

2. How to make a dog vomit

Scrounging dogs (we’re particularly thinking of the ever-hungry Labrador here) can sometimes gobble down something that could make them seriously ill. So it’s invaluable to know how to make a dog vomit in an emergency so it doesn’t ingest something poisonous. Here’s how to do it.

Limber tail syndrome in dogs

Limber tail is frequently reported in working dogs, particularly Labradors

3. What is limber tail?

Is your dog withdrawn, uncomforable, keeping his tail between his legs? He could be suffering from limber tail syndrome which gundogs, particularly Labradors, are prone to, especially in cold weather. Here’s what to do about it.

Neoprene dog coat

4. Can dogs get hypothermia?

Yes they can and some dogs are more susceptible than others.  Here’s how to prevent it and spot the signs of a dog whose core temperature has become dangerously low.

glaucoma in dogs

Sadly Bramble lost both eyes to glaucoma but still enjoys retrieving

5. Why it’s crucial to spot signs of glaucoma in a dog 

It’s a relatively common disease and if not caught early can lead to blindness. It’s not preventable so you need to know what to look out for.

Border terrier in bed

6. When to call the vet? 

You’re concerned about your dog but just how serious is it? Here’s when to pick up the phone …

dog at the vet

7. How to stop your dog being stressed at the vet

It’s a rare dog that enjoys a visit to the vet. Most start shivering the moment they cross the threshold. So what’s to be done? Here are some useful tips on making the experience less scary.


Dog owners should ensure they make an informed choice when it comes to neutering

8. Why dogs should not be neutered too early

You want to be a responsible dog owner. But just when should you have a dog neutered? Doing it too early can cause irreversible and long-term health problems.

not the best water for dogs

Muddy puddles are best avoided

9. Don’t let your dog drink just any water

Why letting your dog drink from muddy puddles can be a bad idea …