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£250 raised for air ambulance and children’s hospital

The first novice dog/novice handler and young handler competition held by Cherwell Gundog Club raised £250 for the Air Ambulance & Children's Care Centre at the Banbury Horton Hospital

Cherwell Gundog Club

From left to right: Tony Orchard (Judge), Ellena Swift-Nunneley (with Baby Austin) host, Hazel Burton with Skye (1st ND/NH), Matthew Manetta with Ben (1st Young Handler), Henry Marshall with Tara (2nd Young Handler), Maxine Berry with Hector (2nd) and Vespa (4th) ND/NH, Mark Wiggins with Jade (3rd ND/NH), Rob Fisher (Judge)

This is the first full year of training by the Club and everybody involved had a wonderful time, particularly the dogs! You can reach Cherwell Gundog Club here.
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