Q: How can I find one of the old ‘Long Tom’ air rifles? I am seeking a particular model that I owned and used many years ago.

This was a BSA air rifle and I remember that because it was large and heavy, it was called the ‘Long Tom Giant’ model.

These air rifles were extremely accurate and powerful, and I would like to find a similar model if possible. Can you advise me how to find another ‘Long Tom’ ?

The ‘Long Tom’ air rifle

  • The name ‘Long Tom’ was given to several BSA pre-War air rifles, the first being the pre-World War I Improved Model Standard air rifle.
  • This was in .22 calibre, was 45.3⁄4in long and weighed 7.1⁄2lb.
  • This model was reintroduced as the Standard Pattern Sporting Rifle after the War and was produced, with several modifications, up to 1939.
  • It was a popular rifle throughout the world and many are still in regular use up to the present day.
  • As the .22 bore size was larger than current .22 calibre air rifles, special heavyweight pellets were produced and are still available today in several brands in 5.6mm calibre.
  • You may find the model you are seeking advertised or you could try advertising for it.
  • Completely restored and re-finished models are seen offered for sale, so keep looking.

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