You don't have to break the bank to kit yourself out with a decent air rifle. Mat Manning suggests some reliable options for less than £500

One of the greatest appeals of airgun shooting is its affordability. For a few hundred pounds you can pick up an air rifle that should give years of reliable service.

Many Guns start their shooting career with an air rifle and garden airgunning has been a popular pastime during the recent lockdowns. (Have a look at our list of the best airgun targets for the garden.)

I’ve pulled together some of what I believe to be the best air rifles under £500.

These guns cover quite a wide cost spectrum and the adage “you get what you pay for” certainly rings true here. Nonetheless, I have used all of the airguns listed in this round-up 
in the field and can vouch for the 
fact all are capable of delivering decent performance, as long as you tailor your expectations to suit their price tags. (We’ve also come up with a list of airgun scopes here.)

They may not be high-end models boasting pinpoint long-range precision and beautifully sculpted and figured walnut stocks, but these air rifles are capable of much more than simply toppling tins in the backyard. Even the cheaper ones produce muzzle energy approaching the 12ft/lb legal limit, as well as being powerful and accurate enough to despatch cleanly small pests such 
as rats, grey squirrels, rabbits, pigeons and corvids, as long as they are set up properly and used over sensible ranges. If you’re looking online for ammunition, you’ll find our list of the best airgun pellets here.)

Best air rifles under £500


Remington Express

1.Remington Express

This is a traditionally styled, good-value gun that looks and feels better than its modest asking price might suggest.  The kit even includes a telescopic sight and mounts. A classic break-barrel springer, it is styled to look like a traditional Sporter and housed in an ambidextrous hardwood stock, with chequering on the fore-end and pistol grip, and an effective ventilated rubber recoil pad.

The Express weighs around 7lb 8oz without the scope fitted and is 45in long. The barrel is relatively long at 18in, but the extra leverage makes easy work of the cocking stroke. Engineering is tidy throughout and the breech lock-up mechanism is secure.

Adjustable fibre-optic sights come fitted but most people will want to use the supplied scope (4×32) to make the most of this airgun’s accuracy potential. Other features include resettable automatic safety catch and two-stage trigger.


Hatsan Breaker 900X

Hatsan Breaker 900X

2.Hatsan Breaker 900X

With prices starting at £120, the 
Turkish-made Hatsan Breaker is an extremely affordable air rifle. Don’t be fooled by its modest asking price, though. It is solidly built and capable of reasonable accuracy out to around 25m.

The finish is tidy, the ambidextrous hardwood stock features some chequering around the pistol grip and 
a soft rubber recoil pad with a neat white spacer. Tipping the scales at around 6lb 8oz and measuring 44in from muzzle 
to butt, the Breaker 900X is a fairly compact model and should therefore 
be manageable for younger shooters.

This Hatsan is spring-powered and works around a traditional break-barrel action. It is relatively smooth to cock and felt recoil is modest. Features include a surprisingly good two-stage trigger, integral sound moderator, adjustable fibre-optic open sights and automatic safety catch.

The cylinder is machined with 
dovetail rails for scope attachment and there is a recoil arrester to stop the mounts from creeping.

Weihrauch HW35E air rifle

Weihrauch HW35E air rifle

3. Weihrauch HW35

This is an old-school, spring-powered air rifle. It’s big, with a long barrel, fairly heavy and extremely robust. Good trigger, automatic safety and precision open sights. You can fit a scope without any trouble.

WEIHRAUCH HW 95K air rifles under £500

Weihrauch HW 95K

4.Weihrauch HW 95K

German gunmaker Weihrauch has a reputation for producing accurate and reliable air rifles, and the £395 HW 95K is no exception. Engineering is excellent, as is the finish of the blueing and the ambidextrous beech stock, which features a brown rubber recoil pad. Chequering on the fore-end and pistol grip is both elegant and functional.

The HW 95K has no open sights, but is equipped with dovetail rails for scope attachment and comes supplied with Weihrauch’s effective sound moderator. Even with the moderator fitted, this airgun still measures up at a fairly compact 45in and weighs 7lb 4oz.

The cocking stroke is smooth, the breech lock-up is extremely secure and the firing cycle is crisp with little felt recoil. Features include automatic safety catch and Weihrauch’s legendary two-stage adjustable Rekord trigger unit. Matched with the right pellet, this airgun is accurate to 35m and beyond.

Walther Rotex RM8 Varmint

Walther Rotex RM8 Varmint

5.Walther Rotex RM8 Varmint

Pre-charged airguns can be expensive but you don’t have to spend a fortune to buy a decent one. This one makes it into our list of best air rifles under £500. The German-made Walther Rotex RM8 from Umarex 
has a recommended retail price of just £399, though you do need to add a scope and mounts.

You will also need charging gear, either in the shape of a manual pump or a more expensive diving bottle. Many gun shops will do a deal if you buy charging kit with a new gun, and once you have got it you can use the same setup for any other pre-charged airguns you go on to own.

The RM8 Varmint’s stock is an ambidextrous thumbhole design, moulded from a tough polymer that can stand up well to any knocks and bumps in the field. It incorporates a fore-end accessory rail for sling and bipod attachment, stippled fore-end and pistol grip and ventilated butt pad. It is solidly built and weight comes in at just under 8lb, though it 
measures up at a very pointable 41in

Walther’s airgun runs an eight-shot rotary magazine, and accuracy potential is greatly enhanced by its recoil-less firing cycle — expect half-inch groups at 40m with the right pellet. The magazine is indexed by a very positive side-bolt mechanism, which also cocks the gun and probes 
the pellet into the breech.

Features include pressure gauge, two-stage trigger and a 400cc bottle that delivers around 
180 shots per fill.

Stoeger Airguns

Stoeger XM1

6. Stoeger XM1

A new, entry-level PCP air rifle that meets the best air rifles under £500 criteria. Italian styling. Arrives with a sound moderator, 3-9×40 scope, mounts and two rotary, magazines in .177 or .22.


Zbroia Hortitsia

7. Zbroia Hortitsia RRP

I would be lying if I said my expectations were particularly high when I first heard that I was going to be testing an airgun made in the Ukraine. But the Zbroia Hortitsia turned out to be a huge surprise and I even have one of my own, which has given great service over the past year.

Easier to shoot than it is to pronounce, this impressive recoil-less pre-charged pneumatic is capable of landing pellet 
on pellet out to 30m, and still groups tightly
at 40m. It retails at £449.99 but, as with 
the RM8, you have to factor in the additional cost of a telescopic sight, mounts and charging gear.

This carbine rifle measures a stubby 35in and weighs 6lb 8oz without a scope fitted. I’m 6ft 2in and find it comfortable to shoot, and my 10-year-old daughter can also manage 
it when shooting from a rest. Being such 
a small gun, it is great for younger shooters and handles very well in the confines of 
a hide or inside farm buildings.

Engineering and finish are very tidy and, though its design is somewhat stylised, the hardwood stock makes 
for a comfortable and balanced hold.

The cocking and loading sequence
is smooth and fast, thanks to the straight-pull rear bolt action, which drives a very reliable 12-shot magazine. The set-up makes for fast-fire fun on the plinking range and quick follow-up shots in the field.

Features include two-stage trigger, manual safety catch, pressure gauge
and shrouded barrel.

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Gamo Phox Pack best air rifles under £500

Gamo Phox Pack

8.Gamo Phox Pack

A few years ago I would have said it was almost impossible to pick up a reliable 
new pre-charged pneumatic air rifle, complete with scope, mounts and charging gear, for under £500. However, the Gamo Phox Pack does exactly that. So it completes our list of best air rifles under £500.

Just scraping into the budget limit for this feature, it offers outstanding value for its £499 recommended retail price. Apart from a very accurate multi-shot 
pre-charged airgun, the kit also includes a pretty good 3-9×40 zoom scope with mounts, sound moderator, gun bag and 
a manual stirrup pump for air filling — 
just add pellets and it is ready to go.

The solidly constructed Phox is 38in long and weighs a little over 8lb. It runs a slick 
10-shot rotary magazine, which is driven by 
a smooth and positive rear bolt action. Based on Gamo’s successful Coyote airgun, it is cradled in a tough synthetic ambidextrous thumbhole stock that features a steep pistol grip and high cheekpiece and is adorned with grippy stippled panels. As well as looking good, the Phox is very accurate, thanks to its recoil-less firing cycle and high-quality cold hammer-forged barrel.

The chunky Whisper moderator really boosts stealth by hushing down muzzle report to a quiet “pap”. Air capacity is sufficient for more than 65 consistent full-power shots from a single fill before it is time for another workout with the stirrup pump. Other features include pressure gauge, manual safety catch 
and a very crisp two-stage CAT trigger.


This article was originally published in 2018 and has been updated.

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