One of the advantages of owning an air rifle is that you don't need a firearms certificate provided it is below the 12ft/lb energy threshold. An accurate air rifle is essential for pest control and of course you don't have to worry about richocheting bullets. They're also useful for target practice and are easy to shoot. What's not to like? Our expert reviewers have looked at five popular air guns that come in at under £500.


Logun Solo air rifle with butt pad.png1. Logun Solo

A wallet-friendly price at £299, this single-shot PCP air rifle is built to withstand regular use. It looks good but combines looks with a workmanlike approach. Definitely one to consider.

Webley Osprey barrel

2. Webley Osprey

This gun stands out from the reset of the airguns produced by this manufacturer. It’s fun to shoot and at £100-200 second-hand, does not cost silly money. You can read the full review of the Webley Osprey air rifle here. You might like to also read a review of the Webley Raider 10 which costs from £418 and is included in our roundup of the best PCP air rifles.

Hatsan AT44

3. Hatsan AT44-10

One of the most popular 10-shot repeater PCP air rifles in .22 calibre. Excellent value for money due to its excellent lever action system and impressive number of shots per charge. Comes in at under £500, expect to pay around £480. You can read the full review of the Hatsan AT44-10 here.

BSA Lightning XL

4. BSA Lightning XL Tactical

A superb ABS stock design makes this one well worth a look. Easy to use, lightweight and fast-handling. You can read the full review of the BSA Lightning LX Tactical here. You’ll pay around £277 for one.


5. Umarex 850 Air Magnum 

A very impressive air rifle. Our reviewer writes that the accuracy is “on a par with most conventional PCPs and it handles wonderfully”. Light to carry and great value for money, coming in from £269. Review of the Umarex 850 Air Magnum in full here.

Advice on pest control

Are you looking for some guidance and tips on pest control? You might like to watch some of our useful videos on the subject which have been created by experts in the field.  There’s a particularly useful one on rabbit shooting with an air rifle – good to know in the spring when ferrets and dogs go off on a sabbatical.  If grey squirrels, rats and corvids are making themselves a nuisance robbing nests of eggs, you’ll learn how Matt Manning dealt with the problem with an air gun.