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Airgun Shooter’s Gear of the Year: best PCP air rifles

Whatever airgun shooting you enjoy, the choice of guns, optics and accessories is immense. Here are our top choices to match a wide range of budgets and help you get the most out of your sport. This time, we're looking at the best PCP air rifles

Daystate Alpha Wolf

best PCP air rifles

Daystate has set a new standard for airgun advancement with an electronic rifle that blends looks, technology and performance to give it true supergun status. We believe that it belongs in any list of the best pcp air rifles

Price: from £2,300

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Reximex Ixia Compact

best PCP air rifles

Its performance rivals that of more expensive alternatives with pellets flying through the same hole for as long as you want to keep pulling the trigger.

Price: £915


AirMaks Katran

best PCP air rifles

AirMaks’ Katran is a high-end airgun that combines near-target rifle levels of adjustability with the practicality of a folding stock, making it a multi-role performer.

Price: from £1,280

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Daystate Huntsman Revere Safari

best PCP air rifles

The Huntsman Revere was already an excellent airgun, but the Safari Edition handles better and boasts rugged good looks that make for a superior rifle.

Price: from £1,220

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Rapid Air Weapons HM 1000X

best PCP air rifles

Evolved from the iconic Theoben Rapid, this is the flagship model in the RAW range and offers the shooter the ultimate in build quality and precision.

Price: £2,149



best PCP air rifles

FX’s Wildcat has been subjected to rolling development, with the latest dual-regulated BT variant of the bullpup offering greater power, greater pressure and greater tunability.

Price: from £1,343.99


Brocock BRK Ranger XR

best PCP air rifles

This little airgun is a big performer, being accurate, reliable and solidly constructed, and its folding stock means it will fit inside a shorter gun bag.

Price: from £1,294


FX Impact M3

best PCP air rifles

The Impact M3 builds on FX’s proven reputation for producing high-quality and adaptable airguns and will be the airgun of choice for many tuning enthusiasts.

Price: from £1,842.99


Brocock BRK Ghost Carbine

best PCP air rifles

Brocock BRK’s Ghost Carbine is an accurate and highly manoeuvrable little bullpup that lends itself extremely well to roving hunts as well as range time.

Price: £1,450

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Gamo Venari

best PCP air rifles

The Venari is a highly competent rifle in its own right, but adding a scope, moderator and bipod makes it an ideal PCP starter package. It’s on the cheaper end of the list of best pcp air rifles, but a very worthy inclusion. 

Price: £499


BSA R-12 CLX Pro

best PCP air rifles

Features like the new regulator, magazine and sidelever action prove just how far BSA has taken the multi-shot concept forward on its new flagship PCP.

Price: from £1,215

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BSA Ultra CLX 160 Commemorative Edition

This limited edition, sidelever-operated incarnation of the hugely successful Ultra manages to combine handsome aesthetics and high-end performance with a very competitive price tag.

Price: £999


Weihrauch HW100 BP

Far more than just a bullpup, the HW100 BP is a carefully scaled-down version of one of the best multi-shot pre-charged airguns on the market.

Price: £1,225

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Walther Reign M2

The Walther Reign is a superbly balanced, light and compact bullpup that can easily withstand being bashed about when hunting, while delivering blistering performance too.

Price: £829.95


Walther Rotex RM8 UC

Everything about the Rotex RM8 UC feels solid and substantial, so when it comes to rugged, affordable quality and performance, few air rifles can compete.

Price: £549.95

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Reximex Pretensis

The Pretensis is a stylish, well-made and capable performer that offers excellent value for money.

Price: from £439


Niksan Archero-S

Its semi-tactical synthetic stock and inexpensive price make the Archero a practical sporter that’s ideal for the rigours of the field, especially when shot prone.

Price: £559

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Weihrauch HW110 Laminate

Weihrauch’s HW110 was already an excellent airgun with its black soft-touch stock, but the addition of an elegant laminate option has made it extra special when considering best pcp air rifles.

Price: £965

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