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Four of the most popular rimfire rifles – taking a closer look

Shane Robinson puts some popular brands through their paces and reports back.

rimfire rifle selection

Four of the best rimfires

There is a distinct range of rimfire rifles available on the market for anyone looking to buy today. When somebody comes into the shop asking about rimfires I ask them two questions. Firstly, what will be the rifle be primarily used for and secondly, how much do they want to spend?

Most popular makes and models

I have been asked to take a look at 4 different rifles, and to give you a quick run down of each. Looking at the overall selection of products, I chose to look at Anschutz 1417, Weihrauch HW66, Cz 455 and an up-and-coming Lithgow 101 Crossover.

Why these I hear you ask? Simply because they are the most popular makes and models I am asked for by customers. We did review rimfires a few years ago but of course several of the models have been superseded. So it’s good to get back up to speed and see what’s been changed and what new rimfire options there are for you to look at in the marketplace.