Shane Robinson puts some popular brands through their paces and reports back.


1417 Thumbhole (top) and 1417 Thumbhole deluxe (bottom)

Anschutz 1417

When it comes to rimfire makers Anschutz quite simply are the best. The range of competition and hunting rifles is simple and not overcrowded. The barrels and actions are manufactured using the same process as the target rifles which can only be a good thing.


1417 Walnut Classic

  • Fantasically engineered with accuracy second to none.
  • With prices around £800 for a new rifle they aren’t overly expensive.
  • The single stage trigger is adjustable from 2.2 to 4.4lb.
  • Anschutz are one of the few makers who supply the rifle from new with a completed target card from the factory proving accuracy at time of manufacture.
  • The 1417 is a small and compact rifle that come with 14” or 17” barrel which is perfect for hunting out to 60yds.
  • The bare rifle weighs in at around 5lb 5oz so with a scope and mod it’s less than 7lb. Not heavy at all and small enough to use from the truck when you’re out lamping. My only hint to you is that if you ever own one, learn how the bolt goes back together because inadvertent de-cocking can result in the bolt coming apart.
  • Imported by Ruag Ammotec

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