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5 minutes with Patrick Galbraith – the new editor of Shooting Times

Shooting Times has only had 17 editors since its launch in 1882. We had a quick chat with the latest, Patrick Galbraith, who hails from north of the border.

Patrick Galbraith

Patrick Galbraith (left)

SUK: Welcome on board Patrick. So tell us, where are you from in Scotland?

PG: I was brought up in Edinburgh and learned to shoot during summer holidays in Dumfriesshire. I started my shooting career, as so many people do, going out after bunnies with an old BSA air rifle.  I must have been about 13. On rainy days, when there were no rabbits to be found, I would go fishing.

SUK: What was your first gun?

PG: My godfather gave me my first shotgun on my 16th birthday – a 12-bore Charles Osbourne manufactured at the turn of the last century.

SUK: What’s your preferred quarry?

PG:  I’ve always loved ducks. There is nothing better than teal whistling overhead when you’re crouched on the edge of a flighting pond at dusk. Snipe come a close second. I like driven birds a lot, but not as much as I like wandering out on frosty mornings in Dumfriesshire before breakfast (in my pyjamas) with my Jack Russell, Hattie, working the reeds. I live in London for work commitments but head out into the field whenever possible. I’m not qualified to be a member of the Woodcock Club yet, but I’m ready for the challenge!

SUK: What about clayshooting?

PG: I enjoy it. My brother and I often have fierce competitions.

SUK: What gun do you shoot with now?

PG: I have a Beretta Silver Pigeon. I bought it in my first week at Bristol University where I studied English.  I get my priorities right …

SUK: How do you feel about being the new editor of Shooting Times and what do you plan?

PG: I’m honoured and very excited. It’s the countryman’s bible. Shooting Times has a history of excellent writing – with names like the great “BB” and Lewis Clement (who was the first editor of course).

Going forward, I’m going to be producing informative and engaging articles to help and inspire our readers. I’ll be interviewing key figures, discussing the politics of shooting and how modern life and current affairs are affecting fieldsports and shooting. There’s a lot to talk about.

I’m very keen to hear from readers about what they’d like to see covered in the magazine. So if you have any comments do e mail me at [email protected] or find me on Twitter @PaddyCGalbraith.

Patrick also writes regularly on fieldsports-related matters for The Critic.