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An eye on Scottish fieldsports’ future

The fieldsports industry in Scotland, worth in excess of an estimated £200million a year, is set to get a further boost thanks to the efforts of the recently formed Scottish Country Sports Tourism Group (SCSTG).
The SCSTG ? whose constituent members include major shooting, fishing and stalking organisations, in conjunction with the Scottish tourist body VisitScotland ? aims to attract 50,000 new participants to Scottish fieldsports over the next 10 years. The first stage in this process is to conduct research north of the Border into the number of Scotland’s commercial providers and the sports they offer.
Alistair Rutherford, project manager for the SCSTG, explained the thinking behind the survey: “We can’t develop the industry without knowing who is involved with fieldsports in Scotland. Once we have collated responses from the survey we will be able to build a comprehensive database providing invaluable sector information on national practices and geographical and sport-based opportunities.”

To take part in the survey, visit