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Antique firearm returned after police caution

BASC member, Ron Holding, found himself unwittingly involved in a North Wales police investigation into illegal firearms when the police arrived at his house with a warrant to search for illegal guns.

As Mr Holding was not at home, they wrecked his gun cabinets in order to gain access to his firearms and took away all of his certificated guns as well as some antique firearms.

Numerous calls were made to the case officer, but Mr Holding heard nothing more.

As a result of BASC’s intervention, however, he was invited to attend a police interview concerning possession of a 7.5mm Swiss Model 1889 Schmidt-Rubin rifle. Despite BASC’s advice to the contrary, Mr Holding accepted a caution from the police. Once accepted, a caution can have dire consequences for gun ownership as it suggests that the person is a law-breaker.

To find out what happened next…the rest of this article appears in 20 December issue of Shooting Times.