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Antis threaten to name cull shooters

The National Farmers Union has reported that farmers in Somerset and Gloucestershire are receiving hoax calls from animal rights activists claiming to be from DEFRA. The callers give a supposed reference number and start date for the badger culls. Farmers Weekly has also reported bogus calls from animal rights activists posing as the publication’s journalists in an attempt to gain information on the cull. The callers engage in general conversation then focus on bovine TB and culling, asking farmers whether their land is within the trial zone and whether they approve of the cull.

The RSPCA released a statement urging people to sign a petition to stop the badger cull, and chief executive Gavin Grant said in a statement: “Time is running out for the badgers and it’s a case of now or never. It is not too late to stop this senseless slaughter, but if we are going to save them and help the cows we need to act now.”

The rest of this article appears in the 3rd April issue of Shooting Times.

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