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Atkin Grant & Lang relaunch Rocketer shotgun cartridge

The traditional ?red? cased cartridges will initially be available in 12-bore and have been specially manufactured for English guns and are a true 2½? (or 65mm) cartridge.

They will only be made with a traditional fibre wad.

They have been designed for easy and improved ejection with a 10mm deep brass head.

The Rocketer will be availbale exclusively from Atkin, Grant & Lang?s workshops near St Albans and from their sister company Francis Lovel & Co., based in Witney, at £250 per 1000.

?We have developed these cartridges so they can be used in all traditional English guns, especially the many of the Henry Atkin, Stephen Grant and Joseph Lang guns that have been built since the company started making guns in 1821.?

?The tradition of ?good guns are always worthy of good cartridges? is one we are delighted to carry on,? said Carl Russel, Atkin, Grant & Lang general manager.

For more information please call 01582 849058.