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BASC and Rakuno Gakuen University talk deer management

The deer management visit comes as Japan tries to encourage people to take up shooting, with particular focus on Hokkaido Island, which has a large population of sika deer.

Delegates from Rakuno Gakuen University in Ebetsu, Hokkaido, travelled to the New Forest, Sparsholt College, Vicars Game and the Deer Initiative prior to their meeting with BASC.

Whilst at Marford Mill they were lectured on how to maintain a high standard of deer managment through a combination of best practice, education and training.

A spokesman for Rakuno Gakuen University said: “We have a problem on Hokkaido Island with an overabundance of sika deer. We have come to BASC to learn how the deer populations are controlled in the UK and how training is used. By visiting BASC we hope to learn and improve on our natural resources.”

BASC’s Nick Lane said: “I am delighted to have provided an insight into BASC’s deer management. BASC plays a lead role in setting high standards. We offer training and publish codes of practice covering stalking, humane dispatch and game meat handling. I hope that by learning more about our training programmes, the delegates from Rakuno Gakuen University will be able to put these practices into action on Hokkaido Island.”

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