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BASC’s wildfowling policy is published

Lee Freeston, chairman of the Wildfowling Liaison Committee, said: “I am delighted the council has agreed to publish a clear statement of BASC’s commitment to wildfowling.

This will assure wildfowlers they can continue to depend on BASC to take the lead in preserving and promoting the sport.”

The policy reads:
BASC will do everything within its power to promote and protect the sport of wildfowling. It will encourage and facilitate entry to the sport at all levels.

BASC will furthermore oppose at all levels any restriction being placed upon wildfowling that is not, in the opinion of both the Council and its Wildfowling Liaison Committee, capable of being shown by clear evidence to be necessary for the future of wildfowling in the UK and the wildfowl and wildlife habitat on which wildfowling depends.

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