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Battle over Alladale “re-wilding” continues

Alladale, the Sutherland estate owned by millionaire businessman Paul Lister, had its Dangerous Wild Animals licence renewed by the Highland Council last week despite opposition from the council’s own access officer Matt Dent.

Mr Dent claimed that the application to keep 30 boar and four elk in a 500-acre fenced enclosure is contrary to the 2003 Land Reform Act, which established access rights for the public. Mr Lister plans to develop his “wilderness reserve” with the introduction of wolves, wildcats, more wild boar and elk, despite opposition from locals and neighbouring estates who are concerned about the impact the species and the enclosure will have on the area.

It is understood that the licence, first granted in 2007, had lapsed, but the area environmental health manager, Chris Ratter, recommended it be renewed:“I don’t consider the Right to Roam legislation to be relevant to the granting of this licence because the Land Reform Act did not amend the 1976 Dangerous Wild Animals Act.”

The rest of this article appears in 10th February issue of Shooting Times.

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