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Ben Randall’s debut book How to train your gundog released in time for Christmas

Champion gundog trainer Ben Randall’s highly anticipated debut book, How to train your gundog, is now available to pre-order in time for Christmas.

This stunning 328-page hardback is divided into 25 easy-to-follow chapters with real world examples of how to build trust and mutual respect with your gundog, from tiny puppy right through to mature adult venturing out for its first day in the field.

With a foreword by chef Gordon Ramsay, the book covers every aspect of owning a gundog, including housing, training, troubleshooting, nutrition, health and exercise. The ideal gift for a first-time owner or a handler wanting to deepen their understanding of dog psychology, Ben’s celebrated training methods offer unique insight and most importantly, results.

“The book is a celebration of my life’s journey with gundogs,” said Ben, adding: “It includes all the mistakes I’ve made and how I’ve solved them. My training methods are used daily throughout the world, by novice and experienced trainers, I know the systems are proven and they work. So, I knew that now was the right time to produce a book that will help so many people understand their dogs and build a strong bond and lasting partnership with them.”

£40 + P&P