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Beretta DT11 shooter continues her winning streak

Cheryl Hall

Cheryl Hall won the ladies individual world championship, scoring 182

Shooting these events with her new Beretta DT11, Cheryl said: ?Ive held off shooting with the DT11, probably because I loved my DT10 so much. I was a bit reticent to use the DT11 because I was worried it wouldn?t be as good.?

Shooting with the new DT11 for only the second time in competition, at the World Championships, she achieved a best ever score of 193/200.

?It?s a brilliant gun, I just love it! Im shooting with it full time now, my trusty, old DT10 has retired,? said Cheryl.

The World Cup in Compak FITASC is decided upon an aggregate score from the World and European Championships and the Grand Prix.

Cheryl placed 1st, 1st and 3rd, respectively in these events, winning the World Cup.

Cheryl opted to shoot as part of the senior team in Cyprus, not as a lady; a point to which the French objected, strongly and officially lodged a complaint.

Always keen to raise the profile of women shooters, Cheryl maintained she would shoot in the competition that most suited her and happily the objection from the French was rejected.