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Beretta & GMK launch Beretta Young Shots Scheme

The Beretta Young Shots scheme will support the youngsters in a number of ways:

Financial support by reimbursing up to £200 worth of entry fees to National Championships

Provide a Beretta uniform and shooting accessories worth £500

Offer the loan of a new Beretta competition shotgun, with an option to buy outright at the end of the sponsorship contract

Provide £1,000 allowance towards the optional purchase of the loan gun at the end of the scheme.

Fit and service their gun as necessary throughout the sponsorship period

Preference will be given to young shots competing in the following disciplines: English and FITASC Sporting, DTL, Olympic Trap, Double Trap and Olympic Skeet.

Youngsters who think they could be eligible for the Beretta Young Shots Scheme should apply by April 30, 2014. Applications forms are available via email from: [email protected]

Applications for the Beretta Young Shots Scheme must be made in writing and include details of a reference (i.e. parent or shooting instructor).

Applicants should ideally have already enjoyed some competitive success at regional level.

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