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Beretta World Sporting Championships 2012 – Results

He won his place in the final six shoot off by scoring an impressive 116/120 on Sunday afternoon.

Sunday morning had seen an even more impressive 117 from Richard Faulds, who was the other Sunday qualifier.

Arguably the most remarkable scores were in the relentless rain on Saturday where Carl Bloxham and John Lee shot 110/120 and 113/120 respectively.

The final six were made up by Rick Wyatt (116/120) and Roger Deacon (113/120) who qualified from Friday’s intermittent showers.

After 24 targets four shooters tied on the same score but Carl Bloxham and John Lee were eliminated.

Another 12 targets and it was down to Richard and Paul, both of whom wasted chances to win.

Eventually, after another selection of targets, the champion title fell to Paul Simpson.

A full list of results is available on the Beretta World website