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Two new eco-friendly cartridges launch in the UK

BioAmmo cartridges have a fully biogradable case and wad which makes them "unique" claims the importer

Biodegradable cartridges

BioAmmo cartridges

Environmentally-minded shooters and wildfowlers will welcome the arrival of BioAmmo cartridges in the UK, available in lead and steel in both clay and game loads.

“They are unique” says importer Nick Levett-Scrivener of Shooting Star, speaking to Shooting UK. “There has been nothing like them in the UK before.”

biodegradable cartridges

The case and wad are fully biodegradable

Fully biodegradable case and wad

The difference is that the new BioAmmo cartridges have a fully biogradable case and wad made from vegetable origin. The BioAmmo wad sinks and will disperse into the ground in 18-months to 2 years in a natural bacterial process. Nick comments: “A BioAmmo case that is ejected from a semi-auto and not found will simply disintegrate.”

bioammo catridges

Steel shot options

Currently the biodegradable cartridges are available in 12 bore in a 70mm case from 24g to 34g.  Next year 3 inch cases and 20-bore will be released, as well as a heavier 36g load. Retail prices for the BioAmmo cartridges in 32g steel will be around £390-£400 per 1000 (and £290 in 24g steel.) BioAmmo cartridges in 24g lead will retail at around £330 per 1000.

Jocker cartridges

The new Jocker paper cup wad is made from environmentally recycled cardboard

New Jocker paper cup wad cartridge

Shooting Star is also distributing the new Jocker paper cup wad, made from environmentally recycled cardboard.  “These cartridges give all the performance of a plastic wad and all the benefits of fibre” explains Nick.  The Jocker cartridges are available in both clay and game loads in steel and lead.

Jocker biodegradable cartridges

All the performance of a plastic wad and all the benefits of fibre

Test results

Shooting UK asked how the cartridges have performed in tests. Nick replied enthusiastically: “Last weekend I had Duane Morley and Carson Rebell, both double AA clayshooters, here shooting them on a clay trap. The cartridges performed brilliantly.”

Nick continues: “The manufacturers of BioAmmo and Jocker have been forward-thinking. They started developing these cartridges a while back as they could see the writing was on the wall.”

Biodegradable cartridges review

Shooting Times is currently reviewing the biodegradable cartridges and will publish the findings a future issue.