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Bisley Live to offer rifle shooting to non FAC holders

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Having worked in partnership with local police and the Home Office for a number of months, Bisley Live can now offer rifle shooting to everyone under Open Day rules.

Visitors simply have to produce photographic ID, sign a section 21 declaration and pay a one-off £12.50 fee (which covers insurance and National Rifle Association coaches) and they are covered for shooting not only centrefire rifles, but also black powder pistols, gallery rifles and rimfire rifles for the whole day.

Visitors will be required to purchase books of tickets covering the costs of ammunition ? typical cost being £5 for 8 shots .22 and £10 for 6 shots centrefire.

If visitors have a current FAC they can also shoot expanding ammunition in the calibres listed on their certificate, which must be brought along for verification on the day.

Bisley Live is being held from Friday 30 September until Sunday 2 October at the National Shooting Centre in Surrey and will bring together more than 200 exhibitors from the UK and abroad.

Shooting organisations have praised the development.

BASC?s southeast regional director Dan Reynolds said: ?Bisley Live will provide visitors with a great opportunity to fire a selection of sporting firearms under one-to-one supervision. This is ideal for those wanting to assess the performance of a potential purchase or for those wanting to try shooting for the first time in a safe and secure environment.?

The Countryside Alliance?s shoot campaign manager, David Taylor concurred: ?This is excellent news for shooting sports. For the first time at a show, not only will FAC holders have the opportunity to try new rifles, but newcomers will also get a unique opportunity to try shooting for the first time.?

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