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Champion clay pigeon shooter loses firearms certificate due to Facebook prank

Jed Burn, who has represented Scotland, had his licence withdrawn after police saw a video on his Facebook page of him taking part in a "neck nomination"

Police have alleged that 24-year-old Mr Burn was standing in a wooded area dressed in underpants, Wellington boots, cap and holding a shotgun which he pointed at the sky before announcing that he was shooting pigeons. The allegation continues that he then broke open the gun, put it on the ground, picked up a litre bottle of vodka, broke the seal and drank half of it swiftly before nominating others.

In response Mr Burn said that he was drinking water, not vodka.

Police have stripped Mr Burn of his firearms certificate as a result and he will have to wait until December to attempt to get the decision overturned.

The responsibility of shooters

Commenting on the obligation shooters have to always behave in a safe and responsible manner, Christopher Graffius of the British Association for Shooting and Conservation says:

“BASC urges everyone who shoots to behave responsibly and safely with firearms. They should also consider carefully what they put on social media. People should not be surprised that behaving irresponsibly with a firearm is likely to prompt police involvement”.

Up to 165 days to get a shotgun certificate

Waiting times for shotgun and firearms certificates to come through can vary widely depending on the local forces involved – it can take from between five to 165 days.

And what is “neck nominating” anyway?

“Neck nominating” is an online drinking game in which participants have to film themselves drinking an amount of alcohol in one gulp and then upload the footage to Facebook, You Tube or another social channel.