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Thoughts and photos from the CLA Game Fair 2015

A roundup from some of the events attended over the past few days ...


The sun shone and then the heavens opened. Repeat. A typical August weekend in England then. Our thoughts on the weekend, in brief:

Harewood House made a magical backdrop … excellent coverage on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme with Jim Naughtie well attended … conversation with Rory Stewart MP on why sheep and conifers don’t mix … being told by shooting instructor that over 30% of new clients female … people queuing up at John Rigby & Co to be photographed with Jim Corbett’s rifle … stories on The Macnab Challenge … Landowners and Wildlife – Friends or Foes? (watch debate here) … meeting Korthals Griffon gundogs … watching a purse net being made and learning how to do it … mental note never forget to pack wellies for a game fair, no matter how good the forecast … watching CLA Game Chef of the Year final featuring venison …watching future champions in Young Shots challenge … browsing through Tom Grange’s vintage cartridge collection … salivating over Jose Souto’s new venison cookery book … learning that 63% of younger guns prefer their game on the feather, whilst 50% of older guns would rather it was dressed … oh and if you’re running a shoot, most guns expect refreshments on arrival … discovering an mobile app that aims to protect your ears (!) … guns are practising more and more, simulated shooting is on the rise …more instruction needed as last year most guns did not have lessons … guns would like more advice on cartridges from shoots

female shot

Instructor reports 30% of shooting lesson enquiries from females …