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Deer chillers via equipment grant — are you eligible?

A deer larder makes the processing of carcasses much easier.

Deer managers can now apply for a grant that covers up to 60% of the cost of a new chiller trailer through the Farming Equipment and Technology Fund (The big chill — why a good larder is a must, 7 February). 

Large chiller trailers generally cost around £20,000, which means deer managers would be able to claim back around £12,000. Chillers purchased through the scheme must adhere to particular hygiene and health and safety specifications to be eligible. 

Six-times professional stalker of the year Chris Dalton said: “Any funding to help with the costs of equipment is welcome. Chiller trailers are expensive but convenient as they allow a facility to cover multiple sites, but the devil as always will be in the detail. 

“The significant issue I am seeing now, however, is a lack of demand for venison generally. While there is excellent work going on to try to address this, we have a long way to go before there is a consistent outlet for the excellent, locally produced venison hanging in our new trailers.’’