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DEFRA’s Elizabeth Truss MP gets in on game

A brace of oven-ready Lincolnshire pheasants has been presented to DEFRA Secretary of State Elizabeth Truss MP.

Elizabeth Truss MP

The presentation was made outside Westminster by Jose Souto, game chef and senior chef lecturer at Westminster Kingsway College, and Annette Cole from Taste of Game, just as the driven game shooting season was coming to a close.

The pheasants were shot in Lincolnshire and provided by the Parson’s Nose butcher from Parsons Green, London.

Annette Cole, Taste of Game development manager, said: “Game sales are increasing year-on-year as the popularity of game increases. I’m delighted to present the Secretary of State with a brace of pheasants to take home. Game is a popular and sustainable food which offers the consumer a delicious alternative to other meats.”

Jose Souto said: “I have always loved cooking with game meats and my students do too. The variety and quality of flavour from game of all types is unrivalled. Having support for this market from the government is a great thing.”

Elizabeth Truss MP said: “I’m delighted to have been presented with a brace of pheasants by Taste of Game. Game is a healthy and tasty eating option and the UK is a world-leading producer of it. Game is an important product of shooting and the role the sport plays in supporting the appearance, health and economy of our countryside is invaluable. A Conservative government will continue to support all those who wish to shoot lawfully and who produce such great British game.”