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Easier recruitment for game and wildlife managers

A new company, Mea Opus, has been launched to help gamekeepers and wildlife managers seek their ideal job, while providing estates and shoots with an efficient and cost-effective platform for recruitment. 

Mea Opus, Latin for “my work”, allows experienced keepers, students, stalkers and gillies to upload their CVs and complete a detailed questionnaire. The information provided helps produce accurate profiles that will highlight the skills and attributes of each applicant. There are no costs to applicants at any stage, even in the event of an offer of employment. 

Developed by Tim Bowie, Richard Leach and Dylan Williams — founder of the Royal Berkshire Shooting School — Mea Opus aims to connect rural employers with the best candidates for challenging and varied roles in a fast-changing environment. 

Dylan Williams commented: “Some of the best game and wildlife managers are unaware of how good they are but are often not 100% happy in their current role — and do not know how to move up the career ladder. Similarly, some employers find the challenge of interviews and handling hundreds of applications too time-consuming. Hopefully, in the future Mea Opus will be able to help all parties.”