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How you can reward your favourite British game champions

Encourage the eating of game and reward the best chefs, restaurants, pubs and butchers, by nominating them in the newly created Eat Game Awards 2018

Braced up pheasants

Hanging shot birds on a gate or rail for collection is better than putting them in the back of a truck

Do you have a favourite restaurant, farmers market, pub, butcher or supermarket selling game? If so, you need to nominate them in the Eat Game Awards by 15th June 2018 to give them the recognition they deserve.

The Eat Game Awards 2018 was set up to discover the champions of British game and acknowledge their success, innovation and passion.

There 10 different categories for nominations:

  • Best restaurant regularly serving game
  • Best pub regularly serving game
  • Best game chef regularly cooking game
  • Best game farmers market stall including street food vendor
  • Best added value game product
  • Best multiple retailer selling game
  • Best small retailer selling game
  • Best game butcher
  • Game hero
  • Champion of champions

Everyone who puts forward a nomination will be entered into a prize draw to win a dinner for four at Boisdale. Once the nominations have been collated, the judging panel will draw up a shortlist.

Eating what you shoot and encouraging game consumption is the responsibility of everyone who enjoys gameshooting and stalking and this is your opportunity to support the pastime you love.

You can put forward your nominations on the Eat Game Awards website here. 

Eat Game Awards 2018

A new initiative

The Eat Game Awards is a brand new initiative created by the legendary James Purdey & Sons Ltd, Boisdale Restaurants and Taste of Game, to bring together the shooting, game meat and hospitality sectors to celebrate the wild game produced in Britain.

James Horne of Purdey says: “The consumption of game meat is a great joy to those that have enjoyed the spoils during the game season. We are determined to broaden the awareness of the delights this meat brings and encourage its wider consumption across the UK. ”

Ranald Macdonald of Boisdale continues: “The eating of game is integral to the survival of the great British countryside, the rural economy and our way of life. It is also delicious and nutritious. For everyone’s benefit we need to encourage the consumption of British game.”

Annette Woolcock of Taste of Game adds: “There are some great businesses now using game and we want to reward and showcase them through these awards. ”