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Make your views count. Vote for the best of British game

The public is being encouraged to nominate its game meat heroes in a new national competition - the Eat Game Awards - that unites the food, shooting and hospitality industries

pheasant and game chips

Roasted hen pheasant and game chips

The shooting, game meat and hospitality sectors have come together, with leading British businesses James Purdey 
& Sons, Boisdale Restaurants and Taste of Game teaming up 
to launch the inaugural Eat Game Awards.

They are on a national search for those individuals and businesses that have shown success, innovation and passion in working with game.

Eat Game Awards raises benefits of eating game

Supported by some of the biggest names in the industry, 
the initiative will in turn support 
the Country Food Trust charity 
and raise awareness of the 
benefits of eating game as 
well as the field-to-fork ethos.

The public is being asked 
to nominate its favourite game meat business or person, with 10 categories to choose from, including:

  • Best restaurant regularly serving game
  • Best 
pub regularly serving game
  • Best game chef regularly cooking game
  • Best game farmers market stall — including street-food vendor
  • Best added-value 
game product
  • Best multiple retailer selling game
  • Best 
small retailer selling game
  • Best game butcher, as well as special awards for game hero 
and champion of champions.

Voters have until 28 February 2018 to make their nominations, before picking from the top 10 nominees between 1 June and 28 August next year.

Visit Eat Game Awards  to make a nomination.

The results will be announced at the first Eat Game Awards dinner at Boisdale Canary Wharf on 9 October 2018.

Purdey chairman James Horne commented: “The consumption of game meat 
is a great joy to those who have enjoyed the spoils during the game season. We are determined to broaden the awareness of the delights this meat brings and encourage its wider consumption across the UK. The awards are 
a tremendous way of recognising the significant breadth of game use and innovation that so many ordinary people, chefs, restaurants and companies have brought to our table.”

Boisdale Restaurants owner Ranald Macdonald said: “The eating of game is integral to the survival of the Great British countryside, the rural economy and our way of life. It is also delicious and nutritious.

“For everyone’s benefit we need to encourage the consumption of British game.”

Annette Woolcock from Taste of Game added: “We are very excited by the awards and hope the shooting and game meat industry will get behind them by nominating and voting for their favourite businesses and individuals. There are some great businesses now using game and we want to reward and showcase them through these awards.”