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Edgar Brothers offers left-handed shooters more options

As one of the UK?s largest distributors of air rifles, shotguns, rimfire and centrefire rifles, Edgar Brothers? vast range of guns and calibres available to left-handed shooters is unsurpassed.

Whether it?s a CZ Model 452, Remington 700, Hatsan Escort, or even a Zoli Z-Extra, you?ll find something to suit, no matter your discipline.

Edgar Brothers? Managing Director, Derek Edgar explained that around 10 to 15% of people are left-handed.

?There are also those who learn to shoot on the side of their dominant left eye, so it is a significant chunk of shooters requiring left-handed firearms.?

?Being able to draw from leading manufacturers such as CZ, Dakota Arms, Hatsan, Huglu, Marlin, Nosler, Remington, Savage Arms and Zoli, we can offer left-handed shooters tailored options that means that they do not have to put up with using a right-handed gun.?

*Pictured: Zoli Z-Gun Extra: RRP From £6,886