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Family firm takes rural title

Scott Country International Ltd is the Scottish champion in the Countryside Alliance annual awards, known as the ‘rural Oscars’.

Scott Country International Ltd has won the Countryside Alliance Rural Enterprise Award — dubbed the rural Oscars — and crowned the 2024 Scottish champion in Edinburgh on 13 March. 

The awards are an annual celebration of British food and farming, enterprise and heritage through small hard-working businesses. This year’s awards received more than 17,000 entries. 

Formed in 2001, Scott Country International is a family-run company and one of the UK’s leading night-vision and thermal-imaging specialists. It is now invited to a reception at the House of Lords in June, where the next round of voting will take place to determine who will be named the Rural Enterprise UK champion. 

Cowan Scott, owner and CEO of Scott Country, told ST: “This coveted award serves as recognition of our unwavering dedication to providing the best level of customer service, while steering the business down a sustainable path in pursuit of excellence in an ever-changing marketplace.”