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Far-right activist has his shotgun licence revoked

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A far-right activist in Skye has had his shotgun licence revoked because of alleged involvement with Patriotic Alternative, a white nationalist group.

Anthony Burrows lost his licence at Derby Crown Court last week after the court heard he allegedly posted pictures of Adolf Hitler and former KKK leader David Duke on X (formerly Twitter). Reports claim that Burrows held a shotgun licence for several years, but on 26 August 2021, Derbyshire Police opened a review into his suitability to safely hold a shotgun certificate. On the same date, officers seized the certificate and three shotguns from Burrows’ home and revoked his licence on 1 September 2021.

Burrows denied being a regional organiser for Patriotic Alternative and claimed that a number of other people had access to his social media account. He later admitted that it was his account but dismissed the post as “internet tomfoolery”.

Judge Jonathan Bennett said, “We take the view that the police were quite correct to act as they did when his shotguns were removed in August 2021.” Speaking to ST, stalker Al Gabriel said: “Public safety must always come first. Individuals who condone or support abhorrent violence of any kind should not be in possession of firearms. This is further evidence that the UK has a robust firearms licensing system.”

After the ruling, Burrows said the decision was “a hatchet job from a politically motivated police force”.

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