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Farewell to ‘linchpin’ of the Countryside Alliance

Captain Peter Voûte CBE, director of the British Field Sports Society (BFSS) and former executive director of the Countryside Alliance, has died aged 85. 

Peter Voûte played a pivotal role in the formation of the Countryside Alliance and organised the Hyde Park Rally of 1997, as well as the Countryside March in 1998. Preparations for these events took many months of work and the marches were praised not only for the impact they made, but also for their non-violence. 

Captain Voûte was born in Guernsey in 1938 and his roles at the BFSS and Countryside Alliance followed a distinguished career as a Navy helicopter pilot. His catchphrases were “make a decision” and “take charge” and these were very much to the fore at the alliance. 

Lord Nick Herbert, who worked with Capt Voûte at the BFSS, said: “Peter was a linchpin of the BFSS and played a critical role in the formation of the Countryside Alliance. He oversaw an awakening of rural activism — through the organisation of the rally and first Countryside March — which continues to this day. All of us who love the countryside owe him a great debt.”