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First Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust summer dinner raises £6000

The GWCT does excellent, science-based work for conservation and now has £6000 worth of new funding

summer drinks

Guests enjoying the reception at the GWCT summer dinner

The first-ever summer dinner held to raise funds for the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT) has raised an impressive £6000. The money was raised via ticket sales, donations, a live auction and a raffle.

Countryside enthusiasts attending the event gathered at the elegant Calvalry & Guards Club and guests included: adventurists Hugo and Ross Turner, TV racing presenter Flora Gibbs, photographer Alistair Guy, professional hunter Ollie Williams, as well as TV personalities Julius Cowdrey and Freddie Brown. Other society guests also enjoyed an excellent evening socialising, which began with a lively reception, followed by a delicious three-course dinner and popular live auction.

raffle at dinner

The raffle was very popular

The funds will be wisely used by the GWCT. The charity carries out conservation work that is firmly backed by science and funds research and education projects. Driven grouse shooting, lead ammunition, curlew conservation, hen harriers, neonicotinoids, woodcock and gamebird releases are all key subjects that have been under the GWCT focus.

With fieldsports under more pressure than ever before, the GWCT performs a key service by countering mis-information with well-researched facts.

To find out more about the GWCT and its work, click here.


Photography by: Twobytwo event photography