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Foot-and-mouth suspected in Kent

The exact location of the farm has not been revealed but DEFRA are taking the case seriously and have taken the appropriate contingency measures.

A spokeswoman for DEFRA said it was “not unusual” to put a temporary control zone in place.

“We’re being ultra-cautious at this point,” she said. “There’s a continuing need for relentless vigilance in response to foot and mouth disease.”

Debby Reynolds, Chief Veterinary Officer, said: “The containment and eradication of Foot and Mouth Disease remains our priority. This is why we have moved swiftly to put in place a temporary control zone while we investigate this development in Kent. At this stage disease has not been confirmed, laboratory results will follow.

“We are in a crucial week for vigilance and planning next steps. Today’s developments are part of our ongoing surveillance and testing and I would take this opportunity to reiterate the need for the highest standards of biosecurity on farms, and for people to remain vigilant for disease and report any suspicions quickly.”

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