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Free Finding Rover app connects lost dogs with owners

Finding Rover allows a finder to take a photo of a dog and find the contact details for its owner

finding rover

A new, free app called Finding Rover allows dog owners to upload a photo of their dog to a database, complete with their contact details, in case their dog gets lost.

The app, which is available on android and iPhones, asks the user to take a photo and mark where the dog’s eyes and nose are. The photo recognition software then scans the dog’s unique features and keeps this information on file.

If someone finds a lost dog, all they have to do is take a photo of the dog. The app will scan the image and if it finds a match in the system, it will send the owner’s contact details.

The video above is a promotional video from the Finding Rover website that shows how one dog was reunited with its owners in America. The owner went into the local dog shelter looking for his dog, but the dog wasn’t there. He saw the posters for Finding Rover at the shelter and installed the app and uploaded a photo of his dog when he got home.

Two days later, the missing dog was taken to the shelter. Janine Marr, who worked at the shelter, had seen the photo on the app already.

“I remembered seeing a picture of a Shiba Inu that was old,” she said. “The dog at the shelter appeared to be the same one so I took a photo of the dog and uploaded it to Finding Rover and got in contact with the owner to ask if it was his.”

The dog didn’t have a collar or a microchip.