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Support NHS heroes by funding a game-based meal bag

Here's your chance to support our NHS staff and create some new fans of game meat at the same time.

Game Aid meal bag

The meal bags, which cost £2 to produce and deliver, consist of a BGA-assured Wild and Game pheasant and pork pie, some fruit, a bottle of water, a packet of crisps, fruit bar and chocolate treat.

We know that medical staff have been under immense pressure during the COVID-19 crisis and for many it’s hard to find time to grab a bite to eat. So Game Aid is delivering free delicious meal bags to frontline NHS workers which contain a pheasant and pork pie, some fruit, a bottle of water, a packet of crisps, fruit bar and chocolate treat.

Each costs £2 to produce and you can contribute to creating the bags on 100% of donations will be used to create and deliver the meal bags, there are no staff costs or overheads involved.

The Game Aid initiative has been established solely to assist NHS frontline staff during the Covid-19 epidemic. When the UK resumes normal life once again, any residual funds raised by Game Aid will be donated to the Country Food Trust in their efforts to feed those in need.

NHS thanks rural community

Working closely with the NHS, the Game Aid partners have been able to obtain full endorsement from the Chairman of the NHS National Food Review Committee, Philip Shelley. On behalf of the NHS he has thanked the rural community, and everybody involved in advance for creating and supporting Game Aid. He confirmed by letter these meals will be distributed to his NHS colleagues nationwide “and they will raise morale”.

Hospitals in Aberdeen, Shrewsbury, Taunton and Leeds are already scheduled to receive thousands of Game Aid meals in the next few weeks.

Wild and Game’s founder Michael Cannon commented: “Wild and Game is all about helping people discover what a wonderful, healthy ingredient game is. We’re very proud to be taking part in this excellent initiative which we hope will help to boost morale among the UK’s heroic NHS workers during this very difficult time.”

The British Game Alliance (BGA), Samworth Brothers, Wild and Game and bi-monthly publication Fieldsports Journal have joined forces to create the Game Aid campaign, so the countryside community have an opportunity to do their bit.