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Game keepers urged to display trapping poster to public

The poster asks the public to respect legal pest control and to report the abuse and inadvertent misuse of pesticides.

It can be displayed on Larsen traps and other legal forms of pest control as well as being put on view in public areas, or around shoots which may have public rights of way through them.

Gamekeeping organisations have welcomed the move.

“Too often well-meaning visitors to the countryside interfere with legal traps,” said Mike Swan, of the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust.

“This poster will be useful to display on Larsen traps to highlight that most of the trapping that goes on in the countryside is carried out for good reasons and within the law. They will also be useful to display in public spaces and car parks to highlight the importance of reporting both suspected illegal traps and suspected instances involving the misuse of pesticides in the countryside.”

A spokesman for the National Gamekeepers’ Organisation commented: “We have always supported the campaign. CAIP’s latest poster is the best yet, emphasising respect for legitimate traps while also explaining how to report anything untoward. Individual gamekeepers will want to decide for themselves whether or not to use the poster, but a laminated version fixed to a Larsen trap is likely to help deter meddlers. CAIP is to be congratulated on this latest move.”

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