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Gamekeepers reject call for extended cull

The Scottish Wildlife Trust’s recent call to extend the female deer culling season has been branded “ignorant and misguided” by the Scottish Gamekeepers Association (SGA).

The SGA has rejected claims by the trust that an extension would prevent inhumane suffering among deer as Scotland continues to face freezing temperatures.

The trust’s chief executive Simon Milne said the stalking season for red and sika hinds and fallow does, which ended on 15 February, should be extended to tackle the situation. “Too many deer and not enough food is resulting in starvation. In parts of Scotland large numbers of deer can currently be seen gathered at roadsides pawing the snow in an attempt to uncover the frozen vegetation. Rapid loss of condition due to exposure and lack of food means many will slowly starve to death.”

Mr Milne added: “Extending the culling season means that stalkers can continue to shoot any deer that are suffering or too weak to survive until the spring.”

The rest of this article appears in 10th March issue of Shooting Times.

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