The text service is the latest way gamekeepers who have concerns about their professional and personal relationships, as well as their general well-being, can access the support provided by the Gamekeepers’ Welfare Trust.

The number to contact is 07786917498. All calls or texts are totally confidential

Speaking at North Highland College, Thurso, Helen Benson from the Gamekeepers’ Welfare Trust said:

“Surveys have shown that texting is the most useful and popular method of keeping in touch for the younger generation in particular. We reach out to everyone, but recognise that for the student or young keeper, texting is perhaps the most user friendly way of asking for help or communicating with someone who understands and in confidence.”

David Shaw, lecturer on the HNC Gamekeeping with Wildlife Management course at North Highland College, said:

“The early stages of a career in gamekeeping can be a big culture shock for a trainee gamekeeper so a good support network is very important. Trainee gamekeepers are often required to live and work in remote areas away from close family and friends. In this situation a small problem could soon escalate out of proportion without someone at hand to share it with. The helpline service provided by the Gamekeepers’ Welfare Trust means that help is always at hand to support gamekeepers when life gets tough.”

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