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Garlands to stock the new Heym SR21 Montana Rifle

Exceptionally accurate in the field and comfortable to use, the long fore-end affords a good grip.

This substantial but lightweight rifle also shoots well off a bi-pod and features a bi pod stud as standard.

The solid metal magazine houses three 7x57mm rounds and are quickly and easily released by a large, external push-operated button recessed into the right underside of the stock.

The Montana delivers a smooth, solid bolt action with the well-designed synthetic stock minimising recoil and tough enough to survive knocks and bumps.

The round-topped action is drilled and tapped for scope bases.

The single stage trigger is easily adjusted using an Allen screw/key allowing the user to finely tune the pull and weight.

The wing-type model safety has three positions, operated by a lever on top of the shroud.

The superbly built Classic model is available as standard from Garlands RRP £1560, upgraded Concord models are available for additional cost.

To find out more information contact Garlands 01827 383300 or visit:

Garlands to stock the new Heym SR21 Montana Rifle