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Guns unfairly confiscated by police

James Crowther

James Crowther says the incident is affecting his ability to do his job

Last week James Crowther, a gamekeeper and farmer on the Upper Wood Estate in Lancashire, was out pigeon shooting with friends when he saw police armed with riot shields approaching the party across the fields.

The Guns unloaded and produced their shotgun licences for police inspection but the police still confiscated their guns, saying they were acting on a complaint.

Shortly after, the farmer on whose land the pigeon shooting was taking place appeared at the scene, saying he had asked for the crop protection from those present and that they were on his land with his express permission. The police refused to return the shotguns despite the misunderstanding and several days later were yet to return them.

Mr Crowther, who has previously been praised by the press and the National Gamekeepers’ Organisation for his courageous acts in relation to the Saddleworth Moor fires in 2018, said when interviewed that the prolonged illegal confiscation of the weapons was hampering his and other’s ability to do their jobs as many of them are gamekeepers and farmers who need firearms for pest control.